Call for Case Submission

Lymphoma Workshop

The lymphoma workshop will be devoted to extranodal lymhoproliferations.

Cases acceptable for the Lymphoma Workshop:

  • Lymphomas in immune-privileged sites
  • Primary cutaneous lymphomas excluding MF and SS
  • LPD in gastrointestinal tract, excluding gastric marginal zone lymphoma
  • Challenging extranodal lymphoproliferations, excluding spleen

Bone Marrow Workshop

The bone marrow workshop is devoted to lymphoid proliferations with primary presentation in the bone marrow (excluding small B-cell lymphomas).

Cases acceptable for the Bone Marrow Workshop:

  • Aggressive B-NHL with primary BM presentation
  • Peripheral T-NHL with primary BM presentation
  • Hodgkin lymphoma with primary BM presentation
  • Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia with unusual morphological and/or phenotypical features
  • Challenging non-neoplastic lymphoproliferations in the bone marrow (e.g. Castleman’s disease, autoimmune disorders, ALPS etc.)

Cases of small B-cell lymphomas, and immunodeficiencyrelated or EBV-associated lymphoproliferations are excluded.

Important Dates

Submission deadline 15 January 2018

Notification of acceptance 26 May 2018

Guidelines for online submission

  •  The online submission system will guide you through the submission of your case.
  • Please note: Cases must be submitted in English.
    Non-English cases will NOT be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.
  • A submission fee of € 25 applies per case submission, which will be credited upon congress registration.
  • Text shall have a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 3.500 characters incl. spacing and puctuation.
  • The title should be as brief as possible but long enough to indicate clearly the nature of the case.
    Abbreviations must not be used in the title. Please use “sentence case” in the title line.
  • Case content shall be defined in these fields (all are mandatory): case description, biopsy fixation details, frozen tissue available, details of
    microscopic findings, immunophenotype, cytogenetics, molecular studies, proposed diagnosis, interesting feature(s) of submitted case
  • A file with images to complement the submission must be added via a file upload field (as .pdf/ .ppt/ .pptm/ .pptx).
  • Please check spelling and grammar carrefully. All cases will be published as submitted.
  • Use generic names. Commercial drug names may not be used.
  • You are disconnected after 30 minutes of inactivity.
    Please be aware that the system is only active when pressing on “next” or “save”
    Typing is NOT considered as being active.

After online submission:

  • Cases must be sent to John Goodlad (Lymphoma Workshop) or Peter Johnston (Bone Marrow Workshop) by 15 January 2018.
    Please indicate that goods have “a commercial value of 1.00 EUR” to avoid customs and import duties.
  • Scheduling of poster sessions and case presentations is at the discretion of the Scientific Committee.
    Cases will be organized into sessions using the topics chosen by the submitter in the online system.


Posting Address for LY WS:

Dr John Goodlad
Consultant Haematopathologist
Department of Pathology
Level 3
Laboratory Medicine Building
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital
1345 Govan Road
G51 4 TF

Posting Address for BM WS:

Professor Peter W Johnston
Department of Pathology
Link Building
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
AB25 2ZD



Case Requirements

  1. Ten H&E and 15 unstained sections and/or a representative paraffin block. Original immunohistochemical stained slides and in situ hybridization slides may be sent at the discretion of the submitter.
  2. Please indicate that goods have “a commercial value of 1.00 EUR” to avoid customs and import duties.